Comprehensive Eye Care & Vision Testing

At Shelton Eye Care, in Roanoke, Virginia, we provide eye care and vision testing for patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Our office is 100% service based and provides patients with the essential care and testing they need to ensure their needs are met. We offer all your eye exam needs including:

• Trial & Contact Lens Fittings for 1-Day Acuvue™ Define
• Prescriptions for Glasses
• Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, & Cataract Testing
  (Referrals Provided)

• Vision Testing
• Antibiotics for Eye Infections
• Removal of Metal & Other Foreign Bodies from the Eye

Contact Lens - Eye Care

Contact us at  (540) 265-7420 to request an appointment to have your vision examined or to be fitted for contact lenses.

For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.