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Do you require eye glasses for your corrected vision from Wal Mart? Well, if that is the case, then you need to acquire the services of an experienced and reliable optometrist so that you may be assisted in the best possible manner and for that purpose, you need to avail yourself of the services of Dr. Shelton. Dr. Shelton is a highly experienced and qualified optometrist having a Bachelor’s degree in Biology with a Chemistry Minor. He graduated with honors from the Southern College of Optometry and got a directorate in Optometry.

He is also a current member of Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians, American Optometric Association and the North West Tennessee Association of Optometric Physicians. So, why not avail yourself of the services of such a highly qualified and experienced optometrist. Make up your mind and visit Shelton eye care in order to get for yourself the best services of a Walmart Glasses Roanoke shop. Dr. Shelton will rectify your vision defects such as near sightedness, far sightedness, astigmatism or any other vision defect and recommend you the eye glasses that will be perfect and most appropriate to bring back your perfect vision ability.

Dr. Shelton can provide you with any sort of eye care and Walmart glasses Roanoke service that you may require, may it be the basic eye problems such as the near or far sightedness, or any eye disease or may it be any major eye surgery, come to our clinic and have the solution of all of your vision related problems. You need to find out whether your vision is in the perfect condition or not and for that purpose, just come to Shelton eye care to have an eye exam. We shall diagnose your eye conditions and would tell you if you are suffering from any vision defect or not. We shall recommend you the appropriate treatment method and would assure you that we will bring the best outcome for you as you require. Our friendly and courteous staff will assist you in the treatment procedure and would reply to all of your queries. We provide you with medical eye care for certain eye conditions and diseases like glaucoma, any sort of chemical burn or iritis. We also provide you with surgical eye care in order to cure certain eye diseases such as trauma, cataracts, glaucoma, crossed eyes and the other problems.

Contact us at  (540) 265-7420 to request an appointment to have your vision examined or to be fitted for contact lenses.

For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.