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Shelton Eye Care is a clinic near you where Dr. Shelton and his staff treat your eye problems with care and compassion. Fashion is moving towards new dimensions and horizons. It is sometimes baffling to see the way fashion industry is moving in leaps and bounds. At first, lenses were only used to treat people with weaker eye sights. Now contact lenses Roanoke VA are available for anyone who wants to have a different eye color. Just get a contact lens pair from a clinic and you are good to impress people with the new hair color and eyes. Contact lenses and their usage take a lot of care which many people are unaware of. This is why the Shelton Eye Care clinic lays special stress in eye care along with fashion.

The eye is perhaps the most important sensual organ in the human body. Someone with low vision or no vision can duly understand the worth of eyes. Eye problems can occur due to many reasons. They can be a result of accidents or a person may suffer from eye problems by birth. There are some problems that have no cure while some issues can be resolved. There is new and constant research going in the world regarding eye health and conditions. At Shelton Eye Clinic, Dr Shelton and his staff are prudent about keeping themselves up to date with the medical research in this area. It is very important to deal with patients with care because of the sensitive organ that is under inspection and treatment. The extent of professionalism required can be expected at the clinic.

There are four kind of eye experts that you may come across at the clinic being run by Dr Shelton and his staff. First of all there is the ophthalmologist who is commonly known as an eye doctor, an eye specialist or an eye surgeon. He can diagnose the conditions of the eye. The eye specialist can perform an eye surgery. He or she can also prescribe any medication or prescribe a pair of glasses should you need one. At Shelton Eye Care, you can expect Dr Shelton to diagnose your problems with care that is required. So whether it is eye treatment, spectacles for a weak eye sight or contact lenses that you are looking for, you can trust the judgment and diagnoses of the well reputed doctor who will also be able to prescribe contact lenses Roanoke VA if you want.

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For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.