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Like many clinics in the city, there is also one known as Shelton Eye Care which is run by Dr Shelton and his team to provide a davis eye doctor Roanoke VA. Eye problems are of many types. Some will just occur by birth while others can be a result of bad accidents, misfortune, fights, or UV rays that are coming from the sun or some other source. A few of these problems can’t be treated because medical science has not yet reached those points. For example, degeneration of retina. However, the doctors and staff at Dr Shelton’s clinic are trying their best to make lives better for people who are suffering with any kind of eye ailment. They also hope to cure diseased eyes. Moreover, they are also experts in creating spectacles and contact lenses to aid vision in people with visionary problems.

There are many kinds of medical practitioners like ophthalmologists, optometrists, general practitioners and so on. You can expect the availability of any kind of services at the clinic being run by Dr Shelton. His professional staff is well equipped with the hours of training required to treat patients. The hospital has all the equipment that is required by the doctors to treat patients in an effective manner. They can also provide you with contact lenses or spectacles if your problem requires it. Ophthalmologists can prescribe medicines and do an eye surgery when required. They are the people that we generally know as eye specialist or eye surgeons.

Sometimes when you have an eye problem, you might need the services of optometrists. They are the certified practitioners who can prescribe contact lenses and glasses. If there is a suspected eye disease, the specialist can diagnose the problem. Optometrists can’t perform a surgery on eyes therefore in case of complex problems, you should go to a specialized medical practitioner called ophthalmologist. So in a way you can say that ophthalmologists are optometrists but not vice versa. The latter can only prescribe a limited range of medicines. When you go to a medical specialist for your eye problems, you should be aware of what you might experience.

You have to make sure that when you are looking for davis eye doctor Roanoke VA, you opt for someone who is experienced like Dr Shelton and some place where you can get ample attention and medical care for example at Shelton Eye Care.

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For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.