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There are a few signs that tell you whether you need eye glasses Roanoke VA. Though there is no definitive way to confirm unless you have a proper eye test at Shelton Eye Care with Dr Shelton or his optometrist. Sometimes a person does not realize that he or she needs glasses but there are certain signs which show that you should go to an optometrist or an oculist so that appropriate glasses or treatment can be recommended. Did you know that even malnutrition can lead to weak eyesight? Sometimes excessive reading leads to muscular weakness due to which a person feels short of eye sight. The matter can be fixed by intake of certain vitamins and minerals. The right solution can only be prescribed by a professional which is why it is recommended that people should have an eye sight checkup every two years just to check whether everything is fine.

It is hard for kids to express what the are feeling. It is not easy for them to tell elders that they have a blurry vision. In fact it has been noted in certain surveys that more than half of kids who have learning problems actually have it so because of their bad eyesight. At the eye clinic, an optometrist will certainly examine the eyes and tell parents whether the kid should wear glasses or not. To a certain extent, eye issues of smaller kids are dealt by pediatricians unless it is something of a purely ophthalmologistic nature.

Sometimes common signs of weak eyesight are not recognized by the people with low vision. If you are having difficulty in looking at things that are near or far away, if your vision is blurry and your eyes ache after a little reading then you might need to see an eye doctor. It is good not to delay the visit because sometimes the problem worsens and with the eyes, you should not take any kind of risk.

At Shelton Eye Care, the medical staff will make sure that you are examined properly and given the right information necessary for better eye care. Dr Shelton is an appropriate doctor with a good reputation when it comes to your needs of eye glasses Roanoke VA.

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For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.