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Probing through the Google list, you will find many options for eye med eye doctor Roanoke VA. What you need to know is that the names coming up might not be the right ones for you even if they are coming towards the top of the list. You need to ensure that the medical specialist you are visiting for the eyes understands your needs like Dr Shelton. The eyes are sensitive and the clinic that you visit must take due care in caring for the most important sensory organs of the body like those at Shelton Eye Care.

When you are having an eye eight problem, it is not always evident. Sometimes however a few symptoms can help you determine whether you need to pay a visit to the eye doctor or not. If you have increased difficulty in adjusting to dark surroundings then you may have an eye problem especially if it is coupled with headaches, blurry vision and difficulty in seeing products from the near and at distance. The ophthalmologist and optometrist at the clinic will guide you through your eye sight problems and let you know what kind of treatment you need. The more complex procedures are referred to the ophthalmologist who is a specialist and can perform surgical procedures on the eyes.

An optometrist is a simple physician who is not certified to perform complex procedures but he or she can take care of you after and before any treatment of this nature. In fact, the person referring you to a medical specialist for the eyes should be an optometrist. Going upfront to see the ophthalmologist may not always be the correct option. They will charge you more and the problem may be small enough; in fact as small as something that can be seen by an oculist. The latter can only prescribe lenses and spectacles after examining the eyes for the problem that you have. He can’t write down medicines for the patient.

Whatever your issue is, you should visit a good place like Shelton Eye Care because they have all the specialists and physicians that will be needed for the job. Dr Shelton is a professional who has a good reputation for what he does. He is well known in the circle for the excellent professional due care that is exercised by him as a eye med eye doctor Roanoke VA, and his staff for patients with eye problems.

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For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.