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There are many types of glasses Roanoke VA that a person might need. Nowadays people will not only wear glasses because of eye problems but also for fashion. However, a good doctor for the eyes like Dr Shelton would completely understand your needs and prescribe what is good for you. Wearing contacts for fashion should also be done through a medical specialist who is an expert with contact lenses and spectacles. Your eyes are a certain size though the standard eyeball size is the same. Your lenses will be made according to the size of your eyeball and lens. This will minimize the risk of eye infections. The staff at Shelton Eye Care will further explain what care needs to be taken for the lenses or glasses.

Glasses are a good and much safer option especially for kids who can’t take care of lenses should they wear one. Mainly there are two types of lenses used in glasses which are concave lenses and convex lenses. Each of these either converges light rays or diverges them along a point which is different for every person or sometimes even different for both the eyes. Eye glasses are also used as fashion accessories in which case the person wearing the glasses will wear simple lenses which will neither be concave not convex. They do not create an impact on the eyes.

Your need to care for your eyeglasses! Your need to store your glasses away in a clean place that is away from any potential damage! It should preferably be kept in the case that usually comes when your buy or get your spectacles made. In order to keep your glasses scratch free and spot free; use smooth cloth for the cleaning so that no scratches are formed in the screen. Scratches can distort your vision. Your eyeglass prescription must also be checked every year by your optometrist or your oculist. Sometimes only an oculist is enough to deal with your spectacles.

At times, it is muscular weakness that forces you to wear glasses. The problem can be solved by use of good nutritional food and vitamins. This advice should best be taken from someone like Dr Shelton who knows what he or she is doing. If your eyesight can get better, at Shelton Eye Care, the staff will guide you appropriately through the process so that you can give away your glasses Roanoke VA.

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For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.