Medicaid Eye Doctor Roanoke VA, Salem, Vinton, Botetourt, New Castle VA

Is your child facing any sort of vision defects? Well, if your child is having any sort of uncorrected vision conditions then it can really have adverse effects on the future of your child. Eye health problems can really prove to be a disgusting barrier that needs to be corrected. In order to break down these barriers and rectify the vision conditions, Shelton Eye Care is here for you. Your vision is prior most priority for our eye care center. Dr. Shelton serves the entire Roanoke area of the U.S. State of Virginia with a splendid and professional service through the highly qualified and friendly staff.

We offer our exclusive Medicaid eye doctor Roanoke VA services to all the patients of Roanoke city. So, all the eye patients that are Medicaid insured from the United States Government can avail themselves of the exclusive and brilliant eye treatment services from our eye care clinic. We take great pride in assisting our patients with the latest and absolutely the best in vision care. Dr. Shelton is committed to provide each and every patient of his with the most comprehensive and up to date care with the latest technology based on their individual requirements. So, we assure you that through the exclusive care of Dr. Shelton and the professionalism of our staff, we shall provide you with a prompt treatment service and would assist you with a really caring and outstanding job.

We would first diagnose if there is any sort of vision defect in your eye. After that, we would try our best in order to rectify it by applying the appropriate treatment technique. We shall provide you with eye glasses or the contact lenses. We would also diagnose and treat any other eye diseases such as glaucoma cataracts, dry eye or any other one. And even if the vision defect is on a greater scale, then we can provide you recommend you eye surgery procedures such as the LASIK and other ones. Shelton eye care claims to be the best and highest quality eye health treatment provider in the entire Roanoke city. So, come to us and hire our exclusive Medicaid eye doctor Roanoke VA services where our expert optometrist and professional staff will reply to each of your queries and would assist you with any of the service that you require. We assure you that you shall be completely satisfied by our services.

Contact us at  (540) 265-7420 to request an appointment to have your vision examined or to be fitted for contact lenses.

For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.