Optometrists Roanoke VA, Salem, Vinton, Botetourt, New Castle VA

An optometrist is a medical professional but not a physician. The primary job of an optometrist is to focus on the vision care. Patients visit the optometrists in order to get their regular eye checkup and in order to remove any sort of vision defect. The optometrists recommend their patients the remedies for certain eye defects such as eye glasses, contact lenses and much more. You can come to any optometrist on order to have an eye exam to look if there is any defect in your vision. Then if you come out to be having any sort of defects such as near sightedness, astigmatism or far sightedness, then you can get them treated through your optometrist. Now there are many optometrists Roanoke VA and to choose the perfect one could be difficult.

But no need to search for different optometrists, because we are here to provide you with the services of the best optometrist in Roanoke city! Shelton eye care, the place of excellence in vision care is the one stop shop for all of your eye care requirements, whether it is an eye exam, diagnosis of your eye vision problems or their treatment, you will have whatever you require under the expert guidance of Dr. Shelton, who is a highly qualified and experienced optometrist. With his splendid qualification and expertise, he is able to deal with any of your eye care related service. Dr. Shelton is an expert medical professional who can provide you with all the eye care related services with the pure excellence and can provide you with their remedy as well. Besides the basic treatments like recommending and fitting the eye glasses and contact lenses, Dr. Shelton is experienced in providing you with low vision aids and vision therapy.

The expertise of Dr. Shelton includes the diagnosis and treatment certain eye conditions such as glaucoma, dry eye, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, conjunctivitis and macular degeneration. We, at Shelton eye care work with you in a really friendly and courteous manner. We respond to your queries promptly and also guide you about each and every step of your treatment procedure. So, you need not go anywhere else and whenever you need the services of any of optometrists Roanoke VA, the highly recommended option for you will surely be to opt the professional services of Dr. Shelton. We assure you that you shall be completely satisfied from our care.

Contact us at  (540) 265-7420 to request an appointment to have your vision examined or to be fitted for contact lenses.

For patients ages 5 through Senior Citizen. Children 4 and under should be seen at Vistar Eye Center by a Pediatric Ophthalmologist.